English 1

Welcome to English 1!  Up above, you will find drop down menus where you will be able to access information specific to your class.  Here’s the rundown on what components you will find under your class name…

Weekly Agenda: If you are ever absent, or just looking ahead to see what we will be doing in class, click  to view our plans for the week.  This page will also display your homework for each night.  **Keep in mind that they will be kept updated, but are always subject to change!

Documents/Info: This is where you will be able to find digital copies of all handouts, worksheets, class info and notes to upload…wonderful if you have lost something or were not in class to receive it

Useful Links: This page will take you to a list of important and helpful links that we will be using in class and as supplemental material this semester.  Not class specific, but a collection of useful/interesting material that will apply to all class levels.