Useful Links

Below you will find useful links and important information regarding each…

KHS Webpage

Kenston Center Stage Webpage 

Google Classroom

This year, with the implementation of iPads, we will be integrating Google Classroom into our class routine. Google Classroom is accessible to only students with a kenstonapps email account. Class announcements, discussions and assignments will be posted and submitted through Google Classroom on a regular basis this semester, however we will not be going completely paperless (yet!). All students are required to enroll in Google Classroom using the class code below.

Block 1: CP English 4

class code: vqg8p0

Block 2: CP English 1

class code: x61z5lg

Block 3: CP English 1

class code: n486hr9 will be used for the submission of all classwork in congruence with Google Classroom.

When creating account, all students will use:

  • kenstonapps email account
  • password: gobombers1

Block 1: CP English 4

  • class ID: 17057838
  • enrollment key: leoneenglish

Block 2: CP English 1

  • class ID: 17057863
  • enrollment key: leoneenglish

Block 3: CP English 1

  • class ID: 17057867
  • enrollment key: leoneenglish


Both of the links above are great resources if you need suggestions for an independent reading book.  When using both websites, you will need to enter in the type of books that you enjoy and then the website will generate recommendations based on your preferences.


A great interactive web resource to study your vocab words!


Free online file conversions…really helpful for compatibility issues!


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